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  • 22nd January
  • 22

We’re driving down Sunset like we do every day and he’s describing how I light up when I talk about religion and I think back to when we met. When we met he was in love with three women at the same time. None of them were me but I decided in that first five minutes of quiet bated conversation that I was going to be his and he would mine. I saw that he was different and perhaps more like me than anyone I’d ever met and I noticed his eyes and how they didn’t judge, not even a little bit, and I knew instantly that I was going to keep him. We’re driving and I can’t remember if it’s day or night or even if it’s cold but hearing him speak to me about me is so special. I never thought anyone like him would waste time or words on me. “There are just a few topics that make you light up like that, Nicky. It’s just really interesting.” He says my name better than I can. It rolls off his tongue smoothly like a French inhale. I look at him and he’s not really anything much but he’s everything and he’s all I’ve got and for the first time in a long time I don’t feel any loneliness. He acts as though he loves me and I don’t even think he’s pretending. 

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